playstation2 hdd external usbBackup PS2 games to external HDD and run directly from the USB Disk connected to your console. ALL version of PS2 and PS2 Slim ps2 slim mod chipDUO2 CHIP Compatible with console versions 1-10 for US / PAL, Direct Boot and Disable Mode are key features.

playstation2 hdd external usbDMS4 EZI (DMS E.Z.I.) Lite Solderless ModChip for Playstation 2 V5-V15!
MDS4 mod-chip auto detects if disc is PS1, PS2 CD-R, DVD-R
playstation2 hdd external usbDVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD9 or DVD+RW, original domestic CD/DVD is inserted and then boot it without any interfearance Swap Magic.